Bi-Folate mouth ulcer gel

Bi-Folate mouth ulcer gel

Name of medicineBi-Folate mouth ulcer gel
ContentsCholine salicylate 8%w/v
Tannic acid 5%w/v
Lignocaine Hydrochloride 2%w/v
Cetrimide Gel 0.01% w/v
Glycerin q.s.
CategoryMedicine for mouth ulcer pain relief
Prescription needed or notAvailable over the counter.
Use after consultation with a doctor as incorrect use and use for an extended period may cause undesired effects.
Mechanism of actionAnti-inflammatory painkiller and local anaesthetic
Given in formGel form to be applied locally
Given by routeOral for local application
IndicationsMouth ulcerAphthous ulcer
Side effectsNausea
Decreased taste sensation
Dry mouth
Bad taste
Use in pregnancyNot considered safe during pregnancy. 
Use only after consulting your doctor.
DoseTake only after consulting your doctor.
Apply a few drops locally at the mucosa of the mouth on ulcer.
Some other brand namesDentogel, Zytee

Category of this medicine

Bi-Folate mouth ulcer gel is a brand of drug By Kepler pharma used to treat mouth ulcers. It is a combination medicine and contains Choline salicylate, Tannic acid, Lignocaine Hydrochloride, Cetrimide gel.

Mechanism of action of Bi-Folate mouth ulcer gel

This medicine is anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic medicine to mouth ulcers. It does so by anti-inflammatory action and pain killer action of salicylate. Additionally it has lignocaine which is a local anaesthetic agent.

This medicine also contains Cetrimide which is antiseptic which is used to fight infection in the local area it is applied.

Tannic acid gives a soothing effect.

How to get this medicine?

This medicine Bi-Folate mouth ulcer gel is available widely across the world. It is available as over the counter medicine in many countries.

You can use this medicine for mouth ulcers. It is good to use medicines after consulting your doctor as all people may not tolerate or need this medicine.

Used in incorrect doses and for wrong purposes this medicine may not work or can cause unwanted effects on you.

How is this medicine available?

This medicine is available as a gel form to be applied on oral mucosa. According to your age and weight you will need to take appropriate form of this medicine.

It has an applicator with it. With the use of that applicator this medicine can be applied.

Route of administration

This medicine is applied locally on the mouth ulcer or sore mouth area with an applicator provided with it.

What are indications to use Bi-Folate Mouth ulcer gel?

This medicine is used for following purpose:

  • Mouth ulcer to reduce pain.
  • If you are not able to eat or drink your food because of ulcer or injury in your mouth.

Side effects:

Being applied locally this medicine has minimal side effects. In some people it may cause following side effects:

Nausea: Some people may get nauseating feelings sometimes after taking this medicine.

Vomiting: Some people may experience vomiting.

Gastritis: Some people may experience gastritis which may present as pain in the upper part of abdomen and acidity.


Decreased taste sensation

Dry mouth

Bad taste

These are few common side effects as above. There may be few rare side effects apart from these all.

Use in pregnancy 

This medicine is not considered safe to use in pregnancy, but in such conditions you should always consult your doctor before using it.

Other Common brand names

This is a cheaper medicine for mouth ulcer. Other brands like Zytee and Dentogel oral gel can be used.


As described in above table, this medicine is useful in doses as follows:

Take only after consulting your doctor.

Apply a few drops with the help of an applicator provided with it on the mouth ulcer a few minutes before food. Maximum 3-4 times a day.

The dosing may defer as assessed by your doctor. This dosing may not be applicable to all. You should consider consultation with your doctor or meet us in person for further advice.


You need to take following precautions while taking this medicine:

  • Keep away from children so that they cannot drink it excessively while playing.
  • Tell your doctor about all your illness you are suffering now.
  • Tell your doctor if you have any allergy.
  • Meet your doctor with your previous medical record.
  • Tell your doctor if you are on other medicines.
  • Tell your doctor if you have any kidney or liver disease, thyroid disease or diabetes and hypertension.
  • Do not use expired medicines.
  • Mouth ulcer can be manifestation of dangerous diseases like oral cavity cancer. Taking this medicine for a prolonged period and avoiding a visit to your doctor is not advised. 

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