Benefits of breast feeding

Benefits of breast feeding to babies and mothers.

Now a days It is a trend across the world, in which mothers are preferring not to breast the babies. This is certainly wrong and not the good for the babies health. It is even harmful to mothers who are not breastfeeding the babies. It is found that infant formula making companies are doing wrong marketing to sell their products at cost of harm to babies health. So let us see which are benefits of breast feeding. This discussion as a lactation consultant on breast feeding benefits will help mothers to think and decide in right direction. So here we explain  breast feeding benefits to baby, mother and family.

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Benefits of breast feeding to babies :

  • Breast milk provides all necessary nutrients necessary for the babies except Vitamin D.
  • Breast milk provides all nutrients necessary for development of brain growth of babies in adequate amount.
  • Breast milk provides all needed nutrient to babies in easily digestible form.
  • Breast milk is naturally devoid of dangerous bacteria and infections that can be harmful to babies.
  • Only very few diseases can spread through breast milk.
  • Breast milk helps to flourish the healthy gut flora of the babies.
  • Breast milk contains ready made immunoglobulins, antibodies, enzymes and white blood cells from mother that helps babies to fight variety of commonly occurring diseases.
  • Incidence of diarrhea, pneumonia, urinary tract infection are far lesser in exclusively breast fed babies.
  • Babies if given exclusive, adequate and liberal breast milk they do not need anything else to eat or drink for first 6 months.
  • Breast feeding creates a healthy bond between mother and babies.
  • Breast feeding provides secure feeling to babies.
  • Breast feeding babies grow emotionally well.
  • Breast feeding protects babies from asthma to some extent. The occurrence and severity of asthma in children and adults who got exclusive breastfed in their infancy is less.
  • Breast feeding protects babies from obesity.
  • Breast fed babies are less likely to get diabetes in their adulthood.

Benefits of breastfeeding the babies to family :

  • Breast milk is available free of cost.
  • Infant formula is very costly especially in developing countries people can not afford it.
  • Preparing formula milk needs very good hygiene which is difficult to maintain for most of families.
  • As it prevents major diseases in infants it saves the costs of treatment and hospitalizations.
  • As it protects babies from major illnesses it promotes the healthy growth of babies without an extra cost.
  • A family can save all these unnecessary costs and use it for some others purposes so that entire family can progress.

Benefits of breastfeeding the babies to mothers :

  • Helps in weight loss : Contrary to belief, breast feeding babies helps mother to lose the weight gained during pregnancy.
  • Prevention of breast cancer in future : Mothers who have breast fed their babies are less likely to suffers from breast tumors this is proven fact.
  • No need to prepare formula separately. It saves a lot of work of maintaining hygiene and storage.
  • So breastfeeding babies really helps the mothers also.

So, I hope message is clear and loud that Breast feeding babies is beneficial for themselves, their mothers who breastfeeds and also the monitory benefits to the families. We strongly promote exclusive, adequate and liberal breastfeeding to babies till 6 months of age. The complimentary feeding should be started from 6 months age. The breast feeding should be continued till at least 2 years.

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