Hyperneb 3% respule (3% Normal saline) for nebulization

3 percent normal saline available as Hyperneb by Cipla is used for nebulization and sputum induction in children and adults. It is given by inhalation route as nebulization.

What is the name of a drug in Hyperneb 3%?

Normal saline is the name of the drug in the Hyperneb 3% respule. It is given by nebulization. 

It contains salt sodium chloride (NaCl) 3 percent w/v and water.

What are the uses of Hyperneb 3 % respule?

It is used for nebulization. 3 percent normal saline is used in various conditions as follows:

  • For nebulization in cases of stuffy nose.
  • For induction of sputum: The patients who can not produce sputum for sputum sample in cases where sputum sample is required for diagnosis like Tuberculosis.
  • It is used for treatment of acute bronchitis in children and infants.

Mechanism of action of Hyperneb 3 % respule

It contains salt NaCl (Sodium chloride) 3 percent w/v. It has more osmolarity than normal blood and serum.

When it is given by nebulization it increases the osmolarity of the mucus in the respiratory tract. It liquidates the thick mucus in the respiratory tract by its osmotic action..

It becomes easy to cough out the accumulated mucus in the respiratory tract.

Available as

It is available as a respule which contains 4ml of 3 percent normal saline .

How is Hyperneb 3% respule administered?

For sputum induction: For the purpose of inducing sputum it is given by nebulization in the morning. It induces sputum if required for sputum sample collection for the diagnosis of tuberculosis. 

For acute bronchitis: In case of acute bronchitis it is given by nebulization multiple times a day. It is found to reduce the duration of hospital stay when compared to 0.9% normal saline neb or salbutamol alone.

Liver failure

If required it can safely be given to patients of liver failure by nebulization. Your doctor’s opinion should be considered before using it in such cases.

Kidney failure

It can safely be given by nebulization if required for patients of kidney failure. It should be given after consulting your doctor.

Side effects of Hyperneb 3% respules

In some patients it may induce severe bronchospasm. Overall side effects are less if given with normal saline 0.9%  or salbutamol nebulization (bronchodilator nebulization).

Signs of poisoning of Hyperneb respule

If accidentally taken orally it may cause symptoms that are not usually very serious in normal children and adults. 

It may cause nausea and vomiting if taken orally in large amounts.

It should not be used for injection as im or iv injection. It can be dangerous to do so.

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Dr Yatin Bhole MBBS DCh DNB

This article was written by Dr Yatin Bhole who is practicing Pediatrician at Bhole Children Clinic, Ravet. This post is for general information and before applying it on yourself, you should meet your doctor or meet us in person.

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