Infanrix: Painless DTaP vaccine

Infanrix: Painless DTaP vaccine

Infanrix is a tri-valent vaccine. It is from brand GSK vaccines and widely available in many countries. Tri means Three. So it protects from Three diseases. It is acellular pertussis based vaccine. It contains DTaP. Here we will discuss about Infanrix and Benefits of Infanrix vaccine.

About Infanrix vaccine:

As we discussed above this is a tri-valent vaccine that is it protects from 3 diseases namely diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus

Infanrix IPV contains

Above are the components of the Infanrix vaccine. It contains tetanus toxoid 40 IU and diphtheria toxoid 30 IU. For   pertussis it contains killed pertussis cell purified antigens pertussis   toxoid (PT) 25 mcg, filamentus hemagglutinin (FHA) 25 mcg and pertactin (PRN)   8 mcg. Aluminium salts namely aluminium hydroxide and aluminium phosphates   are added for the adsorption process adsorption process helps to boost the   immune effect against the vaccine antigens.

At what age Infanrix vaccine is given?

Infanrix vaccine is given where all the three   components are needed to be given. It helps to reduce the number of pricks   given to child. Infanrix vaccine is recommended at age 6, 10 and 14 weeks of   age in routine immunization. If pentavalent vaccine containing DTaP, HiB and   IPV is unavailable for first booster at age 18 months then Infanrix IPV   vaccine can be given at age 18 months with Hiberix vaccine and IPV.

How is Infanrix given?

Infanrix vaccine is given by injection. It is usually   given in anterolateral aspect of the thigh. It is safe to use this vaccine in   children below 7 years of age.

How is Infanrix vaccine stored?

Infanrix vaccine is stored at 2-8 degree Celsius.   The temperature is to be maintained at all stages of transport and storage   till it reaches to patient from the production facility. If any time   temperature goes below 2 degrees or above 8 degrees Celsius, the vaccine is   frozen accidentally, it should be discarded.

Safety of vaccine with other vaccines:

Infanrix vaccine is safe and can be given with other   vaccines but some studies have shown increased incidences of fever and   convulsion when given with prevenar 13 vaccine. Some studies have shown no   such correlation.

What are side effects of Infanrix vaccine?

Local swelling and pain, fever are the main side effects of the Infanrix vaccine.   These side effects are generally mild and can be managed at home with or   without medications. Fever more than 38 degrees Celsius may be noted and can   come till 3-4 days after injection. It is generally reduced with paracetamol.   Local swelling and pain is reduced with oral peracetamol and cold compression   at the site of the injection. Irritability and crying can occur after the   injection and generally lasts only for few hours.

Other major and potentially life threatening side   effects are extremely rare. Like all other vaccine this vaccine too can cause   anaphylaxis reaction so the center at which vaccine is given should be ready   with anaphylaxis management kit and oxygenation. 

Overall side effects are minor when compared to harm   caused by the diseases and also when compared to whole cell pertussis   vaccines like DTwP vaccine.

What are benefits of Infanrix vaccine?

There were   many queries to us about benefits of Infanrix vaccine.

Here we will discuss about the benefits of Infanrix vaccine   in details.

As we have seen before that this is a vaccine   that is used to prevent diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus. It is used to protect   children from three major diseases. It has following benefits.

· Protection.

· Tri-valent.

· Pain.

· Lesser side effects.

· Availability.

· Trusted brand.

· Safety.

· Cost.


In terms of providing protection Infanrix  vaccine is excellent. It protects children   from diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus.

It is found to produce adequate level of antibodies   which provide the immunity against all these diseases. These are some of the   major illness that can be life threatening in children less than 5 year old. 

Given as per schedule this vaccine is excellent in efficacy.


Being a tri-valent vaccine it provides protection   against 3 diseases in one injection shot.

There is no need to take the vaccine for each   disease separately.

This greatly reduces the number of pricks to   children and increases compliance with the vaccination.


As infanrix vaccine contains the acellular pertussis   component it is less painful than DTwP vaccines which are Easysix and   Pentavac.

Lesser side effects

Also with this vaccine the other common side   effects like local redness and swelling, fever, irritability and decreased   appetite are reduced nearly 70 percent when compared to vaccine containing   DTwP.

Lesser the side effects more is the compliance with   the vaccination. It disturbs the parents’ and infants’ daily schedule to   minimal.


Both the this and Infanrix Hexa vaccine is   available worldwide in many countries in private set up. It is easily   available everywhere. You just need to contact your pediatrician for the   appointment.

Trusted brand

This vaccine is produced by the GSK vaccines. It   is trusted brand of vaccines for many years in fact decades.

They have that expertise to make the safe and   effective vaccinations and providing it worldwide every possible precaution   like maintaining the cold chain.


Infanrix hexa and Infanrix both has been in used for   years now.

There is sufficient data about reactions and also   interactions with other vaccine. All the data over the years indicates the   vaccine is safe as well as effective in nearly all children.

The severe life threatening reactions like   anaphylaxis are extremely rare to occur in case of Infanrix and Infanrix hexa vaccine.


This and Infanrix Hexa both vaccines are   available at reasonable cost.

Their cost may be higher when compared to other   vaccine containing DTwP but that is justified provided it is very safe and   effective vaccine that protects against 6 major diseases and also it is   painless with lesser side effects.

To whom Infanrix vaccine should not be given?

Contraindications of this vaccine are very few   and very rare to occur. If someone has shown anaphylaxis after previous dose   of the vaccine this vaccine is contraindicated. If someone is known to be   allergic to any of its component this vaccine should be avoided. If someone   is suffering from neurological disease that is progressive in nature this   vaccine should be avoided.

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