More dangerous new coronavirus strain?

Recently in the last few months, the world was suffering from the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak. The entire world has seen strict lockdown in many countries and international travel affected to a near halt.

There was a thing to cheer as the spread of the coronavirus was slowing down and lesser mortality reported across the world. Many countries started giving the vaccine to its citizen which is very effective with minimal side effects.

Amid all the news, Boris Johnson’s govt from the UK has warned about an outbreak of a new coronavirus strain just a few hours back.

With this news entire world again seems under pressure with some countries halting international flights to the UK and some are planning to do so.

What is this new coronavirus strain?

Yet it is unclear how it appeared but it is found to be spreading rapidly in the UK. It is probably a mutated strain of previously n-coronavirus, the cause of Covid-19.

What can be the impact?

Yet unclear but some possibilities about this new coronavirus strain can be as below:


It measures how rapidly this infection can spread in the community. If the virus strain is very rapid to spread and even moderate mortality it can kill many people in a short span of time.


It measures the number of people showing symptoms in proportion to those who got infected. The higher the virulence more the possibility that people will get the asymptomatic infection.


It measures the proportion of people who died of infection against those thought to be infected with the pathogen.


There are some chances that the new coronavirus strain is entirely different and currently used vaccines may not totally prevent it.

Currently, all these factors are yet unknown for the new coronavirus but WHO has announced that it is working with the UK govt to find out all the details.

The aftermath of this news

The world already under the fear of Covid-19 got tensed immediately after the news came in the media. Some impacts seen were:

International flights

Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Italy, and recently India has stopped international flights to the UK.

Currently, all these countries have announced that this is just a temporary measure and they will reconsider the decision as the things are clear.


In some parts of the UK lockdown with more restrictions was announced. More strict lockdown is to be followed by people in those areas.

Upcoming festivals

Only 3-4 days remaining for major festivals across the world to start and this news has raised fear. Many countries have announced new guidelines regarding these festivals and new year celebrations.

Yet the things are not clear about the new strain but the world is taking precautions for the better.

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