Best kick scooter for kids in India in 2022!

Everyone loves the children. Live everyone, you love your little one. You like to give your kid his/her most favourite things. One such thing kids enjoy is a nice attractive scooter.

Children, especially preschool going children like to explore the world. They can run, they can jump, so energetic they are! They are always in search to boost their ability to explore more and more.

Best kick scooters for kids

The toys which help them to achieve this goal to move around playfully. Scooters for kids are one of such toys they get attracted to.

R for Rabbit Road Runner Kick Scooter for Kids

Spitin Kick Scooter for Kids

Baybee Flash Scooter for Kids

What are best scooters for kids?

Scooter is the best toy you can give your kid 3-4 years and above. Children love it and they accept it with a cute smile on their face.

Here we will see what features you should see while choosing the best for your kid.

  • Foldable: You should choose a foldable scooter for your kid. It becomes easy to fit in a small box when you wanna go somewhere with it. It can be easily carried in a car or even on a bike after folding it.
  • Lightweight: Lightweight scooter for kids is better as your kid may find it easy to ride and balance. They are not automatic and your child is supposed to push with one leg so choose a lightweight one.
  • Colour: At the age 3 years children can identify and name at least 3 colors. They get attracted to a particular color which they like. By this time, you would have come to know about what color your child likes. Usually, kids get attracted to red and pink colors.
  • Height: Usually these toy vehicles, especially scooters for kids come with adjustable height. The handle comes with 3 or 4 adjustable settings. More the adjustable, the more comfortable for your kid.
  • Broad foot rest: Broader the foot rest, it is easier to balance the scooter while kid rides. You should opt for the broader foot rest for the safety of the kid. It may not completely eliminate chances of fall but certainly reduces it.
  • Wheels: More number of wheels make it easy to balance. Three- or 4-wheel scooter for kids is better than 2 wheels which are likely to fall while riding.
  • Brakes: Brakes provide better control of the scooter while riding for your kid. Your kid can stop at his/her will without a collision adding safety for your kid.
  • Handle: The handle should have proper material that makes it easy for small hands of your children to hold the grip. With good grip the kid can ride the scooter safely without handling getting out of control.
  • Material: The material of a toy scooter is usually aluminium or plastic. Just ensure that it does not have sharp edges that can injure your kid.
  • Weight bearing: While your kid is playing with friends, older kids may try to ride his/her scooter too. You should select a scooter that does not get damaged even when older kids ride it.
  • LED Lights: Nowadays scooters for kids come with LED lights in their wheels. They glow when the toy vehicle scooter moves and wheels are rotated. You should opt for the feature as kids like it.
  • Gravity steering: This feature helps to better control the balance of the scooter while riding it. The handle has spring and instead of falling down it bends in the direction in which your kid balances. This feature helps to reduce the chances of falling while riding.
  • Safety certification: Ideally buying toys for kids you should see for safety certification the manufacturer and particular toy has received.
  • Reviews: While selecting a good scooter for kids you should review previous buyers or ask your friends their experience if they have brought one.
  • Cost: While buying things for your own use this may be the first factor you have to consider. But for choosing the best for the kids you should be slightly liberal as other factors like safety and likings of kids are on top priority. Kids will not love the cheaper old-fashioned scooter when they see better with their friends. Also, such scooters may not be safe for them.

Here, we will list of bestselling scooters for kids. We have listed these toys based on user reviews and best sellers and their sturdy and attractive looks.

R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooter for Kids

The features we liked in this product are it is nicely attractive and available in red and sky blue color making one of the best scooters for kids. It is foldable easily so you can carry it easily. It has adjustable height with four adjustable height modes. It is certified by En safety first certificate. Suitable for age group 3-14 years. Weight bearing capacity of 74 kg. With LED PU lights on its wheel which glow when the wheel is rotating. It comes with a rear braking mechanism with a lightweight aluminium metal frame. It has a wide deck and 3-wheel design. It makes balancing easier.

NHR Colorful Graffiti Foldable Scooty

This comes with an attractive design with 4 wheels and rear brake system. It has wide foot hold so can be balanced easily. It also has PU LED lights that glow when the vehicle moves and wheels rotate. It has a metallic light weight body. It is foldable and not so difficult to assemble. The handle can be adjusted best suitable for your child’s height. It can bear 50 kg weight and is good for children above age 3 years. It comes with a skid resistant design which reduces the chances of children falling while playing. Maximum handle height is 83 cm. Minimum handle height is 24 inches.

Baybee Flash 3 Scooter for Kids

This is a scooter for kids above 3 years and comes with foldable design and easy assembly. It has a rear brake mechanism with foldable attractive body and easy to carry lightweight structure. It has a gravity steering system which makes it easy for children to maintain the balance while riding. Additionally, it also has wide food rest. It comes with a design with LED PU lights in the wheels which glow when a child moves the vehicle and the wheel rotates.

ZOMBIMAA Road Runner Scooter for Kids 

This is a nice toy vehicle for children that comes in the form of a 3 wheeled scooter. It has an adjustable handle with a foldable mechanism. After folding it fits in a small box which can be easily carried. It is lightweight and has a metallic body. It has a rear brake mechanism. Best suitable for children of age 4-10 years old. It does not have LED PU lights in the wheel which glow when the wheels rotate. It is slightly difficult to balance compared to the above toy vehicles.

Safety tips for parents with kids playing scooters

Following are some safety tips when your children go to play scooters:

  • Accompany children while they are playing scooters.
  • Observe them while playing.
  • Keep away from traffic and other vehicles.
  • Keep objects in the house safely so that kids do not collide.
  • Ask and help children to wear appropriate shoes.
  • Keep a water bottle and some food when children go to play.
  • Do not let them go in places which are slippery like mud.
  • Teach them to control speed while playing.
  • Do not leave them alone.
  • Do not go outside when the weather is extreme like in cold, hot, windy and rainy seasons.
  • Keep the pets away or take proper care pets and stray animals while playing.
  • Select scooters of proper size for kids.

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