Shanchol oral Cholera vaccine (Inactivated)

Shanchol oral Cholera vaccine (Inactivated)

Shanchol oral Cholera vaccine (Inactivated) is a Killed vaccine containing whole cell of V. cholerae vaccine is marketed by Sanofi Pasteur India ltd.

In developing countries due to poor sanitation and hygiene facilities combined with no access to safe drinking water, the population is exposed to huge risk of getting water bourn diseases like Cholera. This is important cause of death in endemic regions of the world especially in children aged less than 5 years old. Oral cholera vaccine can prevent 56-65 percent incidences of cholera cases.

Ingredients of oral cholera Shanchol vaccine

How is Shanchol oral Cholera vaccine available?

Shanchol oral Cholera vaccine (Inactivated)  is available as ready to use liquid form. It loo cell suspension of killed Vibrio cholera. This is bivalent vaccine containing O1 and O139 killed whole cell V. cholera. It is given orally and available in 1.5 ml vial. Thks translucent yellowish pink liquid which is slightly cloudy. It comes in  glass vial which can be easily opened and a cork which can be sqeezed attached to it. It comes in 1.5 ml pack single dose.

How is Shanchol oral Cholera vaccine stored?

Recommended range to store this vaccine by manufacturer is 2-8 degree Celsius. It can be stored at 2-8 degree Celsius during its shelf life.. The temperature range should be maintained at all stages of the transport and storage. It should be kept in paper box which comes with the vaccine. The vaccine should be thawed before use. If stored as per instructions provided on leaflet with vaccine the shelf life is 1 years. The expired vaccine should not be used.

How is Shanchol oral Cholera vaccine given?

Shanchol oral Cholera vaccine (Inactivated) is given orally after opening the bottle by moving the aluminium seal. The vaccine should be shaken before opening. The dose is 1.5 ml. It should be given in mouth of the baby and the bottle is squeezed to pour the liquid in the baby’s mouth. Baby should be comfortable preferably on parents lap show that baby does not spit the medicine and it drinks majority of the dose. After giving the vaccine the disposables are discarded as per bio medical waste management protocol. If baby spits majority of dose one more single dose can be given in same sitting. It should not be given by injection. The patient should be given some water to drink after the vaccine intake. The boosters are needed every 3 yearly.

How does Shanchol oral Cholera vaccine work?

Shanchol oral Cholera vaccine is active form of immunization. When given orally it goes to intestine of the individual. It is recognized by the host’s immune system. The immune response is mounted against the bacteria. When the real infection occurs the immunity fights the infection vigorously and the Cholera disease is prevented. The boosters are needed every 3 yearly.

At what age Shanchol oral Cholera vaccine is given?

Shanchol oral Cholera vaccine (Inactivated) is given as two doses. The first dose is given at 13 month followed by other dose after 2 weeks duration. The time duration between 2 Shanchol oral Cholera vaccine doses should be at least 2 weeks. All those staying in endemic area should get this vaccine. All those who are planning to travel to endemic area or endemic country should get this vaccine before travel.

Can Shanchol oral Cholera vaccine be given with other vaccines? 

Yes this vaccine can be safely given with BCG vaccine, DPT, Hepatitis B, HiB, IPV and pneumococcal vaccine. This vaccine is safe and maintains efficacy even if given with oral polio vaccine. There no restriction to feeding including breast feeding after giving this vaccine.

Can baby take breast feed after taking Shanchol oral Cholera vaccine?

Yes, it is ok to give feeding including breast feeding after the Shanchol oral Cholera vaccine. It won’t decrease the efficacy of the vaccine neither it will be harmful to the baby.

What are side effects of Shanchol oral Cholera vaccine?

Side effects of Shanchol oral Cholera vaccine (Inactivated) are usually milder when compared to the disease caused by the V. Cholerae. Benefits outweigh the harm that’s why it is used.

· Fever can be moderate grade and usually subsides by its own. Usually fever can be managed at home with the help of oral medication like paracetamol.

· Irritability can be seen after the vaccination. Usually this side effect is self limiting and decreases by its own after some hours.

· Decreased appetite can be observed after the vaccination. This side effect also subsides with its own.

· Vomiting is known to occur in some patients after the vaccination. It can be managed at home with increasing feeding frequency to maintain hydration status and also some patients may need antiemetic drops like domstal or ondansetron.

· Diarrhea is known side effect of the vaccine and is usually self limiting. It can be managed at home by increasing the frequency of the feeding.

All these side effects are also associated with DPT-HiB-IPV-Hepatitis B (Infanrix hexaEasySixPentavacHexaxim) which is usually given together this vaccine.

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