Should the kids be tested for Covid 19?

Here we will discuss whether to test the kids for Covid 19?

With rising numbers of Covid 19 cases across the world and in India many people around you may be getting affected with the deadly infection. Addition to this deadly infection we are facing inadequate health infrastructure in many parts of our nation.

Why suddenly this issue?

As you know we are experiencing the tsunami of Covid 19 epidemic. If one family member gets a coronavirus infection there is a high chance that another family may have already got infection.

It is a very essential exercise to test all the contacts of the positive person to contain the spread of the virus. Generally other family members are ready to test themselves. 

When the question comes about kids getting tested people are reluctant. They do not know why to test the children.

Are all Coronavirus test positive kids treated?

The answer in a single word is, NO.

All children who tested positive with Covid 19 RTPCR or Covid 19 antigen test do not need treatment. Majority of children who got infected are asymptomatic. Asymptomatic children do not need treatment.

Majority of those who develop symptoms have mild symptoms. They just need symptomatic treatment like we treat other cough cold fever.

Those who have severe symptoms need admission and if needed oxygen support and other supportive medications.

Is there any specific treatment for Covid 19 in children?

The antiviral drugs that are approved for use in adults are not yet approved for use in children. 

In children yet efficacy and safety of favipiravir and remdesivir is yet not known.

So, in children with symptomatic Covid 19 disease we give supportive treatment and steroids and oxygen support for the severe disease.

Does the treatment change if the child is Covid 19 positive?

No, there is no significant change if the test comes positive for Covid 19 in children. 

Symptomatic treatment is the mainstay of the therapy. For fever we use paracetamol, for cold we use antihistamines and for cough we use bronchodilators or antitussive medicines as per the need. If the children develop loose motions we give ORS.

Then why to test the children for Covid 19?

After going through all the information provided above or may be with information you gathered from your experience, you may feel testing kids for Covid 19 is useless and not essential.

But here is a but. We have seen families getting affected with the infection. If you are staying 3-4 people in family with your family members including kids, you should be concerned.

If unfortunately some adults or all adults in your family become so sick that they need admission to the hospital, then query comes about kids.

If the kids are positive and they come in contact with their aged grandparents, the grandparents have greater risk. At list caretakers should know whether kids are positive or not.

If they know about it they can be more careful.

Additionally if children have tested positive for coronavirus they do need monitoring. Keeping watch on symptoms is essential for early detection of the deteriorating condition.

So we strongly recommend to test children if they have come in contact with Covid 19 case.

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