Us FDA approves Sotrovimab, a monoclonal antibody against Covid-19

Over half the population of the USA has been fully vaccinated with covid-19 vaccine. The USA has very effective covid-19 vaccines which have efficacy above 95%. It seems the epidemic is under control in the USA. In this situation the US FDA has approved a new drug, a monoclonal antibody Sotrovimab against covid-19.

Race to find new drugs for Covid 19

At the start of pandemic covid-19 disease was an unknown disease. Since the disease was unknown no one knew how to treat it.

The beauty of science is it always tries to find out new answers to new queries. Scientists and doctors all over the world were in search of diseases to treat covid-19.

Since then many disease treating drugs were invented one of them is monoclonal antibodies.

Latest top 20 monoclonal antibodies is Sotrovimab.

It was in its phase 3 clinical trial. In its phase 3 clinical trial it was found to be effective in mild to moderate cases of covid-19 disease.

FDA approval for Sotrovimab in covid-19 treatment

Finally after rigorous clinical trials FDA USA has approved monoclonal antibodies treatment by new drug Sotrovimab.

These monoclonal antibodies will soon be available in the market. It will be available for the treatment of covid-19 disease who are mild to moderate cases.

What GSK said?

The drug major company GSK has announced that they are going to launch this medicine in India soon. They are planning to get approval and launch in the market of this drug.

So with the availability of other monoclonal antibodies this will be an additional option for the treatment of the covid-19 patients.

How does Sotrovimab work?

Sotrovimab is a monoclonal antibody. It is an artificial antibody protein that acts on covid-19 causing coronavirus surface proteins. 

By attacking the coronavirus surface proteins it inactivates the virus.

What is the dose of Sotrovimab?

Currently recommended monoclonal antibody dose for Sotrovimab is 500 mg.

To whom these antibodies are given?

These antibodies can be given to covid-19 disease mild-to-moderate cases. According to clinical trials it can be used inpatients who are above 12 years old.

How is this Sotrovimab administered to patients?

Route of administration of this monoclonal antibody is by injection given intramuscularly.

Is it effective against current strains in India?

Clinical trials has examined it against the current strains of new coronavirus circulating in India. In those clinical trials it was found to be effective against the covid-19 new coronavirus strains circulating in India.

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