Vitamin A tablets

Vitamin A is essential for multiple functions of the body. We get our daily requirement of vitamin A from our diet. Normal functions of Vitamin A are maintaining eye health for visual acuity, ability to see in dim light, immunity, growth, health of bones, and skin. It is essential for normal reproductive health too.

In case of deficiency supplements or treatment with vitamin A is needed.

Name of drug

Vitamin A chewable tablets 50000 IU. It is manufactured and marketed by Abott.

Class of drug

These tablets contain Vitamin A palmitate or retinyl palmitate. It is a vitamin needed for us daily. Since our body cannot produce it, we have take it from our diet.

Used for

Vitamin A chewable tablets are used to treat various conditions because of vitamin A deficiency.

  • It is used to treat night blindness occurring because of vitamin A deficiency.
  • It is used to treat conjunctival and corneal ulcers because of vitamin A deficiency.
  • It is used to treat malnourished children along with other food supplements.
  • It is given to children every 6 months till age 6 years India in appropriate dosages.
  • Vitamin A tablets are suggested in cases of measles as measles cases are prone for vitamin A deficiency.
  • Vitamin A tablets are used to treat acne and other skin conditions.
  • It can be given as food supplements in case of deficiency.
  • Vitamin A can be used in treatment of retinitis pigmentosa.

Mechanism of action

Vitamin A is stored in the body in the form of retinyl palmitate. Whenever needed retinal and retinol are created in the body from retinyl palmitate.

Retinal and retinol are needed for the visual cycle in our retina for light sensitive cells to detect light.

So vitamin A is used for vision and also to maintain the health of cornea and conjunctival epithelium.

It also plays a role in growth of bones, muscles and immunity. Vitamin A is needed for normal reproductive health.

Available as

It is available as chewable tablet forms. Contrary to other formulations which are capsules and have bad taste, this formulation has a sweet taste. 

Administered as

Vitamin A chewable tablets are chewed like candy. Each tablet is 50000 IU retinyl palmitate, so the required dose is given in the form of chewable tablets.

Please take care while administering this tablet to children as it may cause choking hazard. It may be crushed and given to them. It tastes sweet so acceptability is good. Also give in proper doses with pediatrician’s advice as overdoses may cause toxicity in them.


Vitamin A given in pregnancy may cause congenital defects in children. It is not suggested to take it in pregnancy. You should consider your doctor’s advice before taking them.


These tablets are safe to use in lactation. It should be taken in appropriate dosages if needed.


It is safe to use in elderly people given in appropriate doses.

Liver failure

Liver failure patients need supplementation of fat soluble vitamins. You should consider your doctor’s opinion for the appropriate dose.

Kidney failure

If you have vitamin A deficiency with kidney failure you may need vitamin A supplements. You should consider your doctor’s opinion before using them in kidney failure.


Vitamin A supplements do not cause drowsiness and decreased coordination of movements while driving. You should consider underlying health problems like night blindness or corneal ulcer which may cause problem in vision and driving especially during night or in tunnels.


You should not drink alcohol with supplements as alcoholic drinks may reduce digestion and absorption of supplements.

Side effects

Side effects of Vitamin A tablets at appropriate doses are minor including gastric upset, nausea and vomiting. Birth defects are  considerable side effects if used in pregnancy.

Signs of poisoning

Taking excess doses of Vitamin A chewable tablets may cause hypervitaminosis A that is Vitamin A toxicity. Symptoms of toxicity are caused by increased pressure in skull and liver failure. They are as follows:

  • Severe headache.
  • Hypertension that increased blood pressure.
  • Irregular breathing.
  • Rapid or slow heart rate.
  • Dry and desquamated skin.
  • Double vision or blurred vision.
  • Jaundice is yellowish skin.
  • Nausea and projectile vomiting.
  • Increased irritability or mood swings.
  • Inability to sleep.


Currently no antidote is available for treatment of poisoning. Symptomatic treatment is given and over the period as the levels of vitamin A is reduced in the body the symptoms get reduced on their own.

Usual drug dosages

Drug doses of vitamin A vary depending upon conditions and your age. You should ask your doctor about the correct dose if you need it.

Safety alert

This medicine contain high dose of Vitamin A so safety should be adequately taken.

  • Keep vitamin A chewable tablets away from Children.
  • Keep vitamin A tablets away from your dear pets.
  • Keep vitamin A tablets in packets given by the manufacturer.
  • Do not use tablets kept opened for prolonged time.
  • Store at temperatures mentioned on packets.
  • Do not use expired medicines.
  • Take care while discarding, they may be harmful to stray animals and kids and the environment.

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