Zuvicella: Live Varicella chickenpox Vaccine

Zuvicella: Live Varicella chickenpox Vaccine

Live attenuated varicella zoster virus OKA strain> 2000 PFU
Sucrose25 mg
Human serum albumin2 mg
Gelatin2.1 mg
Calsium chlorideqs
Sodium chlorideqs
Monosodium L-glutamate0.7 mg
Sterile water for injection0.6 ml
Sodium orthophosphate dimetallic and monometallicqs
Contents of Zuvicella vaccine

Zuvicella vaccine is chickenpox vaccine given to prevent chickenpox. It is imported and marketed by Zuventous Healthcare a joint venture of Emcure. It is produced by Changchun keygen biological products co. ltd.

Zuvicella vaccine contains live attenuated strain of varicella zoster virus OKA strain > 2000 PFU. And excipients sucrose, human serum albumin, gelatin, calcium chloride, sodium chloride, monosodium L glutamate, sodium orthophosphate( dimetallic and monometallic) and sterile water 0.6 ml.

How is Zuvicella vaccine available?

Zuvicella vaccine is available as powder form in a vial and sterile water for reconstitution. Both the ingredients are packed in a non transparent packet to protect it from light.

How is Zuvicella vaccine stored?

Zuvicella vaccine is stored at 2-8 degree Celsius. The temperature range should be maintained strictly during all stages of transport and storage. If anytime the temperature range is broken the vaccine should be discarded.

How Zuvicella vaccine is reconstituted?

The standard hygienic practices should be maintained during reconstitution. Proper hand wash and gloves should be utilized. The sterile water is taken first into the sterile syringe. Then this sterile water is mixed with the powder and agitated for few seconds. Then it is removed in the syringe. 

How is Zuvicella vaccine given?

Zuvicella vaccine is given by injection. It is given as subcutaneous injection in the deltoid area of the shoulder. The spirit used to clean the area should be fully evaporated before injecting the vaccine. After injection local area is pressed for some time with sterile cotton. The disposables syringes and vials, needles and cotton should be discarded as per biomedical waste management protocols. The disposables should not be discarded in open to protect the environment. Any vaccine that has passed the expiry date should be discarded following the standard procedures. The reconstituted dose should be used within half hour of reconstitution.

At what age Zuvicella vaccine is given?

Zuvicella vaccine is given above 12 months of age generally at 15 months with MMR vaccine and second dose at 4.5 years of age. It is ok if second dose given after 8 weeks of first dose.

What if someone has missed the Zuvicella dose?

If the person is above age 1 year and never had chickenpox before, 2 doses 8 weeks apart can be given. If has missed a single dose and never had chickenpox then a single dose is given as soon as possible after consultation with the pediatrician.

How does Zuvicella vaccine works?

Zuvicella vaccine is live attenuated chickenpox vaccine. When it is injected to a person who never had chickenpox it infects the person like real chickenpox disease virus. It multiplies inside the person who has got it. It is recognized by the immune system of the person. The immune system builds up the mechanism to fight against this virus. In the process immune system also builds up the memory to fight the virus. When the real infection takes place the body readily ramps up the immune response and those who got vaccine are saved from the chickenpox disease.

To whom Zuvicella vaccine should not be given?

This is live attenuated vaccine so it should not be given to:

  • Those who are pregnant.
  • Those who are severely immunocompromised.
  • Those with HIV AIDS stage 3 or stage 4.
  • Person with untreated active tuberculosis.
  • Those who are immunosupression therapy.
  • Those on prednisone 2 mg/kg daily.
  • Those who have recently received the immunoglobulins or blood products.
  • Those who already had chickenpox disease.
  • Those who have allergy to any of the component of the vaccine.

What are side effects of Zuvicella vaccine?

Frequent and common side effects are usually milder and can be managed at home.

  • Fever can be mild to moderate grade. It can be easily managed at home with simple oral medicine like paracetamol and sponging. Usually does not need admission for the treatment.
  • Local pain can occur this too can be managed at home ith oral medicine paracetamol and cold fomentation.
  • Chickenpox like rash can occur after the chickenpox vaccine. They are usually less than 20-30 in number and milder and usully for small duration.
  • Like all other vaccines this vaccine can cause anaphylactic reaction after injection. This is very rare though but can be life threatening if not managed swiftly. The drugs and equipment to manage the anaphylactic reaction should be available at vaccination facility with necessary required skills. 

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