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If you want to write for us we are accepting guest posts. You can write for drbhole.com and we would like to publish it on our website.

Why should you write for us?

Nowadays presence on social media is a very much needed resource to reach people. The more you contribute knowledge more you are respected and known widely.

We can help you in doing so. We will share your content on drbhole.com with your name and backlinks to your social profiles.

Conditions to contribute:

Though we know you are contributing because you are an expert in the field, conditions are there to make things convenient to both the parties involved.

Though following are the terms and conditions we are ready for any negotiations and modifications if you want.

Following are the conditions if you want to share your article on our platform:

  • You should write about child health and other topics related to children and parenting.
  • We would also accept the articles on other health topics apart from child health.
  • You will not get any payment from us for contributing to us.
  • The article should be at least 800 words.
  • You can get a maximum of 2 backlinks or outbound links to your article.
  • You can also share the article that you have already published on other websites, only the requirement is it is written by yourself.
  • You should add images and videos if relevant.
  • Along with content, you should submit your complete name, qualification, and current place of work. We will create your author profile too.
  • Though we try to publish it as it is we may edit some parts if needed.
  • You will have full right to remove content anytime after publishing it, we will remove it if you request to do so.
  • We keep our right to refuse or delete any content anytime at our will.

Where to share?

You can share your content at ybhole9@gmail.com or contact@drbhole.com 

We ill inform you once we accept your content to publish on our website.