RespiStrong a respiratory immunity probiotic

Respiratory illnesses are common in children and adults alike. Everyone is curious and equally and tensed to find out the solution to reduce the episodes of respiratory illnesses like cough, cold and allergic diseases like rhinitis and asthma. Here we will see how can a probiotic that to targeting the respiratory system helps you in this regard. Here we will discuss RespiStrong a respiratory immunity probiotic. We will list the FAQs first and then we will explain them one by one.

What is probiotic?

Probiotics are live micro-organisms or the spores of living microorganisms. They are given orally to those who need them. They help by increasing the immunity of the people who take it. The probiotics are used for many specific purposes. They are generally system-specific. Like gut-specific probiotics help to reduce gastrointestinal illnesses like diarrhea. They can be used in both acute and chronic conditions. Probiotics help by altering the local inflammatory process or local gut or respiratory bacterial flora. This change helps to reduce the symptomatic severity in a variety of illnesses.

What is a respiratory probiotic?

A respiratory probiotic is the probiotic directed towards the respiratory system. They are given orally. Given for a period of time they help to alter the inflammatory processes and the normal flora in the respiratory tract. Their effect is seen from the first dose itself. They are used to reduce episodes of recurrent respiratory illnesses and allergic rhinitis. They also help to reduce the frequency and severity of hyper-reactive airway diseases in children and asthma.

Do probiotics help in respiratory allergy?

Yes, allergies are abnormal immune responses to the factors in the environment. This immune response induces abnormal inflammatory reactions and allergic reactions causing allergies.

Respiratory probiotics improve these processes and reduce abnormal reactions and inflammation-causing allergy.

Probiotics for respiratory allergies are good options available today.

What is RespiStrong?

RespiStrong is respiratory specific probiotic. It is used to reduce the frequency and severity of recurrent respiratory tract infection and allergic rhinitis and hyperreactive airway diseases. It is India’s first respiratory specific probiotic launched by Centaur Pharma. It contains Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM, Bifidobacterium lactis BI-07. It has good sweet vanilla or orange flavor your children would like to have.

How does RespiStrong works?

RespiStrong helps by increasing the immunity of the respiratory tract. It helps by reducing the severity of recurrent respiratory tract infections. By reducing the severity of allergic rhinitis and hyper-reactive airway disease. It also reduces the frequency of these ailments. It alters the inflammatory response in the respiratory tract. It also alters the reactivity of the respiratory tract to different allergens.

What is Recurrent respiratory tract infection?

Recurrent respiratory tract infection is defined as 6 or more episodes of upper respiratory tract infections or 3 or more episodes of lower respiratory tract infections in a year. Usually, below 5 years respiratory tract infections are common. If these are infections are interfering with the normal activity and growth of the babies it needs to be treated. In such cases rather than treating each episode and let a child suffer it is better to prevent those episodes in the first place. ResiStrong helps to reduce the severity or frequency of those episodes.

What is allergic rhinitis?

As its name implies allergic rhinitis is a condition caused by an allergy. The symptoms are like flu or the common cold. These symptoms may be annoying and interfering with the normal activity of the child. They are induced by exposure to cold, grass, insects, and additives in food such as coloring agents and preservatives. They may be induced by environmental pollutants, strong smells.

How to take RespiStrong?

RespiStrong is taken orally. It has a delicious orange or vanilla flavor so can be eaten directly or taken in water after dissolving it. It is to be taken once a day one sachet for 3-6 months. It should be taken as directed by the pediatrician or physician. Completed full course of 3-6 months definitely helps to reduce the frequency and severity of the symptoms of respiratory tract illnesses.

Consider your doctors opinion before using this medicine so that you will come to know any modifications in dose if needed for your condition.

What are side effects of RespiStrong?

Side effects are very few and rare. Uncomfortable digestive feelings like gas and bloating can occur.

How much time it takes for improvement?

Generally, these probiotics show the effect from the first dose itself. But the therapy is continued for 90-180 days to see the long term consistent effect.

Can RespiStrong be continued if the patient has diarrhea and vomiting?

Yes. RespStrong a respiratory probiotic can be continued if a patient who is taking it suffers diarrhea and vomiting. They won’t interfere with digestion. RespiStrong is safe in such patients.

Does RespiStrong helps to reduce the allergic symptoms?

Yes, RespiStrong helps to reduce the severity and frequency of allergic symptoms. It is very helpful in reducing the symptoms and also reduces the absence from school in school-going children.

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