Online consultation for your children

Bhole Children Clinic is working since 3 year. Thanks for your ever increasing love and support. We are glad to know we have satisfied the health needs of your children. Now we are providing online consultation for your children.

During Covid-19 pandemic it is defficult form many people to reach to us to personally visit in the clinic. In such time you are anxious for the health of your children.

Lockdown which is need of hour because of ongoing Covid-19 pandemic makes it defficult for you reach to us.

In such situation you may need medical advice and support from your home for your children. We are glad to inform you we will be available for online consultation. You can avail our consultation from the comfort of your bedroom.

You can contact us on given number by phone or on whatsap. We will send you prescription after a video call. You can order medicines from your nearest shop.

Or For online consultation, you can contact us at mobile number 9420658733

After the consultation you may pay us by phonepe or gpay by Qr code given below. Our online cosultation fees are INR 300 RS only. You can pay through upi app on number 9420658733

With  onset of covid 19 pandemic it has been increasingly difficult to step out of the house. In such situations online consultation is of great demand. 

Many parents are anxious when the child is suffering from any ailments and they try to find out online consultation. Here we are providing online consultation for those who need it. 

Here we try to describe benefits and limitations of the online consultation. This process of online consultation though can’t replace older visits to clinics but can help at times.


  • Quick: Online consultation can be a quick solution for your problem. There is no need to stand in a long line waiting for your turn to visit the doctor. Many doctors are available on online platforms at a time. You can choose one you like.
  • From home: You can consult from the comfort of your home. You do not need to leave your house for the same. It may be helpful in adverse climatic conditions like heavy rains and cold environments when it is not feasible to take out your kids.
  • From anywhere: You can keep in touch with your doctor even when you are out of town or even when you are abroad. Many patients gone home in their hometown contact us for the best opinion they deserve. Many times you go to your hometown which often does not have specialist pediatricians, welcome here you can consult us.
  • Anytime: You can consult anytime when your doctor is available. 
  • Transportation cost: You need not go to a clinic or hospital so the cost of travelling is reduced. Moreover, since you do not need to travel, the contact of people is reduced.
  • Relevant in current time: Considering the ongoing pandemic situation and risk of getting infection is reduced with online consultation, it is the method relevant in the current situation.
  • Risk of infection: The main factor that is changing the way people are consulting doctors is ongoing Covid pandemic. So concern of getting infection is valid. To some extent the risk of getting infection is reduced.


Though there are some benefits of online consultation there are some limitations too. Online consultation is not the most ideal way of consulting a doctor. 

The platforms that are working in this era of online consultation often hide these facts from you. We want you to be aware of these facts.

You should consider the limitations before going for online consultation. If you are ok with these limitations then you can opt for the process.

  • No physical exam: Online consultation even on video call doctors can’t examine patients physically. Simple and most important findings: heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure can not be taken in this procedure. Without these vital signs it is often difficult to make a diagnosis.
  • You don’t actually meet the doctor: In online consultation we see you on screen but you don’t actually meet us. Experienced doctor can know how you are walking, shaking hands and measuring your temperature. All these factors are lacking in this procedure. When you meet a doctor in person the counselling process is more effective.
  • Dependence of technology: Online consultation makes you excessively rely on technology. Technology can make mistakes sometimes. The skin colour assessment can be wrong when we see you online. Remember even the products you buy online may differ in colour.
  • Internet and networks: In countries like India people are still using 2g, 3g, 4g and these networks and internet are not reliable. They are cheap in price and quality too. There may be frequent loss of connection and may create problems in consultation.
  • Availability of technology: Many times availability of the technology is itself a problem. The technical requirements if not fulfilling the consultation may not be possible.
  • Availability of technical knowledge: Everyone in India may not be tech savvy. Even if you have expensive gadgets but if you don’t know how to use them the consultation may not be possible. Similarly many doctors are not so tech savvy. If your doctor does not know how to use gadgets it may create difficulty.
  • Laws: The laws regarding online practice and consultation are not very clear nor uniform everywhere. No doctor wants to get stuck in legal hurdles and nor you will want to get stuck.

How to consult online?

  • Platforms: There are many online platforms nowadays. Looking at the lucrativeness of the business many apps like practo and lybrate are mushrooming everywhere.
  • Doctor’s own platform: Many doctors have their own platforms like their own clinic. You can use either for the consultation depending on your comfort.

Cautions needed

  • Good platform: You should opt for a good platform for the online consultation. Many platforms do not verify doctor’s degrees. You should choose a reliable platform.
  • Your technical skills: You should have adequate technical skills for this process. Rather you should choose a platform that is user friendly and you can easily use.
  • Availability of technology: You should have adequate technology with you that is suitable for the process. The network and internet speed required for a video call is still not satisfactory in many parts of our country.
  • Frauds: Looking at the current situation many fraudsters may try to impersonate a doctor and may cheat you. Many platforms may try to steal and sell your health data to medicine and test marketing companies. Fraudsters are so active that they may even try to strand manipulate your bank accounts.
  • Whether tests are available: You should be aware that many times doctors suggest tests and that may be necessary to conclude the diagnosis.

Payment methods

As you are opting for the online consultation it is obvious that you can not pay cash in form of notes. You should be adequately skillful to understand different payment modes. You should know payment modes that are reliable and you should protect your passwords and bank details from the fraudsters.

  • UPI
  • Net banking
  • Wallet transactions
  • Credit/Debit cards

Where to do tests?

Like online consultations you may select the location to do the tests. The labs nowadays offer facilities to collect samples at home. You should talk to the lab whether such services are available with them.

  • At home: It it is a blood, urine, sputum or even RTPCR test for Covid you can give samples from your home. Just call the lab and they will make arrangements to collect the required samples at your home. Just ask them the time to collect the sample and whether you need to be empty stomach for the same.
  • At lab: Some tests can not be done at home. Like your sonography or X Ray or Ct or MRI scans. In such cases you have to visit the lab with prior appointments many times. Additionally you should be empty stomach if required to be so.
  • Select reliable lab: The lab is not always reliable, it is collecting samples at home. With all your comfort you should also select a reliable lab. They should be accurate in reports and also preferably have the latest technology to test the samples. Additionally they should have trained personnel employed to test your samples.
  • Inform if child: If you are preferring home collection of samples or visiting a lab for any pathology or radiological diagnostic test, you should prior inform them if it is for a child. To collect samples of children and even for radiological tests different skills are needed. Sometimes children need sedatives or anaesthesia in such conditions. Labs need to arrange the person trained in such skills.

Where to buy medicines?

  • Home delivery: It is the best thing if you are getting home delivery of your required medicines. Only the thing is you should ask your pharmacist or doctor how to take these medicines. You should double check from your doctor that all the prescribed medicines have been given by the pharmacist.
  • Online platforms: Online platforms nowadays have started delivering medicines. You should upload the prescription to them and they will deliver the medicines. You should confirm with them how much time will be required to deliver those medicines.
  • Your local medical shop: Benefit of a local medical shop is that they may know you and your area well. They may offer you service at odd hours and also very quickly.

When not to go for online consultation?

There are some conditions when you should never opt for online consultation. They are as follows:

  • Emergency: If you are injured or have some condition that needs emergency intervention then you should quickly rush to the emergency room rather than going for an online condition. If you are about to deliver a baby online consultation may not help you much.
  • Life threatening conditions: If you or someone around you have some life threatening condition like acute attack asthma or convulsion or any other life threatening condition take the patient to hospital rather than going for online consultation.
  • Moribund patients: If your patient is sick and not doing well, better to visit a hospital for immediate intervention rather than looking for online help.
  • When a patient needs injectable medicines: If the patient needs some injectable medicines that can not be given at home and may need observation of the patient, better visit a hospital.