When Can a Baby Stand?

When Can a Baby Stand?

When you have a new baby, one of the most common questions that you may ask yourself is ‘When can my baby stand?’ There are a lot of theories on the topic but unfortunately there isn’t a definite answer. 

In this article, we try to provide some information on this important question. Also, we will discuss how you can encourage your baby to stand and some safety tips.

What is the Age of a Baby to Stand and Walk?

The age of a baby to stand is different for every child. Some babies have started standing at 10-11 months of age and some can start as late as 15 months old. 

Normally, the average age of a baby to walk is between 12 and 18 months old. 

How to Teach a Baby to Walk? When you teach your baby the skill of walking, you are teaching them how to be independent.

Why Do Babies Fall Down?

A baby standing for the first time is a wonderful moment, but it can also be quite stressful. Babies can take up to a month or even more to stand for the first time, so when should parents see if their little one can stand? 

This can vary from baby to baby, but as a general rule, parents should be concerned if their child falls or cannot raise his or her head for even a few seconds.

 Initially while developing this pulling body upright, they are in the learning phase. Initially they stand with support. Then they stand without support for a few seconds and fall. 

Baby standing with support
Baby standing with support

After some days of practice, they can start standing without support. Falling down is something that happens frequently with babies. 

If a baby has been standing for months and suddenly falls down, parents should be concerned that there is something more seriously wrong. 

Often, this can be a sign of a developmental problem or a neurological condition, but it can also be a sign of a problem in the baby’s musculoskeletal system. 

If your baby cannot stand without support beyond 15 months or has learned to stand and is not able to do so now, you should visit your paediatrician.

Can a Baby Fall from His or Her Feet?

Babies are able to stand around 10-11 months old. They usually can’t walk until they are 12 months old, though. 

What milestones precede before a baby can stand?

Development of a baby is in a sequential manner. It is observed that babies can roll over at age 5-6 months. They can crawl at 6-9 months of age. They can sit with support at age 6-8 months and they sit without support at age 8-10 months.

These milestones precede, the baby can stand with and then without support. Babies can stand with support at 10-11 months and can do so without support at age 12-15 months.

Some babies do not show the stage of crawling and they directly try to pull the body to an upright pose to stand with support.

Is There Any Other Way for a Baby to Stand or Walk?

Another way a baby can stand is to hold onto their arms, which is not as effective as holding their hands. Babies can also search for support by leaning into the person standing next to them. 

This is often referred to as a “bear hug” and can be effective, but only when the person holding the baby has a good balance. If the person holding the baby is unsteady, the child may tip over.

What steps can be taken to achieve a standing milestone?

Standing is a milestone for babies of varying ages and typically occurs between the tenth and 12th month. Babies usually start standing when they are able to support their entire weight on their own with one hand. 

A baby might not be able to stand at this point, but oftentimes they will try to walk or crawl while holding onto something. 

The key to achieving the standing milestone is providing a safe and sturdy surface that allows your child to support their body weight without falling or tipping over.

A safe and vacant play area should be provided to infants where they can play and practice their skills.

Push toys help babies to achieve this milestone if given at the correct age. Push toys are of different types and shapes to encourage a baby to stand and walk.

What are safety tips at this stage of a baby trying to stand?

Here are some safety tips while they’re learning to stand:

  • Walk and stand only on soft surfaces when they’re first getting the hang of things.
  • Avoid stairs.
  • Be within reach of the baby.
  • Keep them away from hard or sharp objects.
  • Only walk and stand on the ground, rather than on higher surfaces like beds or couches.
  • Make sure any nearby furniture is weighted or attached to the floor/wall, in case a baby tries to grab on while falling, or pulls themselves up using the furniture.


Babies are capable of standing before they are 15 months old. It is not recommended to put a baby in a standing position until the child has developed sit without support and can crawl and can balance themselves. This can be done by putting the baby in a slightly wobbly chair or bouncy seat that is on the floor and letting them use their legs to steady themselves while pushing up on their hands.

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