Best pediatrics books for UG, PG students and doctors

If you are a medical student, I first congratulate you on getting into the stream. It takes a lot of struggles to become a doctor. It is a lot of hard work with some smart work that makes you a good doctor. During your undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum, you need pediatrics. Being a doctor, I know about the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Yeah, I will give a review of good books for your pediatrics.

This article will help medical students of undergraduate level and postgraduate level. During your undergraduate studies is the basic level of knowledge about pediatrics you need to know. During post-graduation in pediatrics, you are studying to become a master in the stream.

Nelson textbook of pediatrics

The Nelson textbook of pediatrics has been on the top level for decades. If pediatrics is your religion, it is considered equal to Geeta, Bible, Quran.

Nelson gives you extensive knowledge about the subject in depth. The topics in this book and written by the world’s best author in their subject. Every 3–4-year new edition of the Nelson textbook of pediatrics is published.

The Nelson textbook of pediatrics is published worldwide in addition to your original edition. It contains the latest knowledge in the subject with the latest protocols and the information about the latest technology in the field.

At the end of each chapter, they give an extensive list of reference materials. The entire knowledge given in the book is from the standard reference materials and by the best personalities in the topic.

If there is some confusion about some topic, the words in Nelson are considered as final. definitely you should read Nelson textbook of pediatrics if you are studying pediatrics. It is the basic book that every pediatrician should have with him.

You can buy both hard copies and soft copies of this book. Soft copies are very easy to handle in your phone. You can go through the topic very quickly with the help of soft copies.

If you are a student who likes to read hard copies, it’s better to buy a hard copy of the book. Hard copies come in volumes and they are bulky to carry. It is Pal ki because paediatrics is such an extensive sea of knowledge.

Not only during the study we also referred to this book in our day-to-day practice after passing out. It is indeed a reliable source of information.

Ghai’s textbook of pediatrics

If you are an Indian student for a student in southeast Asia, this is the best pediatrics textbook you can read. All the topics in this book are written by the leading pediatricians in South Asia and in the world.

This book is not as extensive as nelson’s textbook of pediatrics, but it is just sufficient to get a new basic knowledge about the topics. 

At the undergraduate level during your MBBS if you find it difficult to read Nelson, Ghai is the best textbook of pediatrics.

This book gives you sufficient ideas from newborn care, milestones, about different systemic diseases and infection, some genetic diseases, and other paediatric topics you need to study.

For an undergraduate MBBS student this is a highly recommended book. It is one of the gems of its kind. It is a masterpiece written by bhai best pediatricians in the world.

Cost wise also this book is much less than the Nelson textbook of pediatrics.

Piyush Gupta textbook of pediatrics

One of the renowned names in the field of pediatrics is Dr Piyush Gupta. These books give you extensive knowledge about pediatrics.

All the topics are covered in simple English language and it gives very extensive information about each topic. It is one of the masterpieces written by the leading pediatricians in South Asia and in the world.

Written in simple English language it is best for undergraduate as well as for post graduate level students. 

Certainly, this is the highly recommended textbooks for the medical students for pediatrics.

Cloherty and Stark’s manual of neonatal care

For postgraduate paediatric level students and doctors working in neonatology, this is the best recommended book of neonatology. It extensively covers all the topics in the new neonatology.

This book is written by all the best authors in the world in their field. It is updated after every few years containing the latest protocols in the field. 

You cannot afford to miss reading this book if you are working in neonatology. while learning pediatrics and neonatology and even while working as a neonatologist, this is the best book you will need at every step to solve your queries.

It is considered as the standard material in the field of neonatology.

Neonatology is an emerging field, and there is extensive research going on in the field. This book helps you to keep track of all the latest knowledge and best practices in the new neonatology.

It is very easy to carry this book ok as it comes in handy form even in hard copies. If you are comfortable you can buy a soft copy of this book.

Harriet Lane handbook

Harriet Lane handbook is the most recommended book to study pediatrics. Profil practicing pediatrics you must have realised that giving drugs and medicines to paediatric patients you need a certain skill.

Paediatric drug doses and different from adult drug doses. You need deep knowledge about drug doses and methods to administer them.

This book gives the best knowledge about the drop doses and their method of administration. In many liver and kidney ailments you need to adjust drug doses in paediatric patients. This book gives you extensive knowledge about adjusting drugs dosages in various ailments.

Right from premature babies to adult populations it trains you about the drug doses.

This book also gives some basic knowledge about emergency conditions.

It is available as both soft copies and hard copies. Even hard copies are easy to carry and extensive in knowledge. it is written by the best authors in their field. We recommend this book to every house officer working in the paediatric ward.

IAP textbook of paediatric ICU protocol

Indian association of pediatrics is a respected body of pediatricians in South Asia and in the world. It has published the textbook of pediatrics about ICU protocols.

This book is written in simple English language and it gives you knowledge of managing all the emergency cases. It is a handy book and easy to carry. It is a reliable source of information to refer to while working in the ICU.

It also gives step by step knowledge of procedures like intubation, pleural tap, ascites cap and Central line insertion.

It is one of the recommended books for the student who is studying pediatrics and the doctors who are working in pediatrics.

IAP textbook of vaccines

Vaccination is a very important process. If you are a doctor or a pediatrician, patience will come to you for vaccinations.

You need to know everything about vaccines in detail. These books provide you information about epidemiology of diseases and the knowledge about its vaccine.

This book is considered as the standard material giving knowledge about vaccination. This book is very handy and can be carried easily. It is available in the form of hard copies and soft copies.

It gives you the best information about the routine vaccinations and vaccinations in special cases. Additionally, it gives you the best information about the vaccination in adolescents and the adult population.

It is updated time to time with new information coming about the vaccination. It is certainly the book every student should read and also every pediatrician should refer to in day-to-day practice.

Clinical pediatrics by Aruchamy Lakshmanaswamy

Textbooks are good to gain knowledge about pediatrics. But to study application of that knowledge on patients this is an extensive book.

It gives your knowledge about how to examine the patient. It teaches about history taking and examination methods.

To pass your practical examination this is one of the most recommended book to read. 

It is available as hard copies and Kindle editions. This book will help you in your undergraduate and residency programs while working in paediatric wards.

Paediatric nephrology

Dr Arvind Bagga is the respected name in the field of paediatric nephrology.

Paediatric nephrology is the textbook by Dr Arvind Bagga. It covers all the topics in the field of paediatric nephrology. 

It gives you extensive information by the expert authors in paediatric nephrology. It is very essential to have read this book which helps in day to day paediatric practice and during your residency.

It is a very handy book available in hard copies. It gives all the latest knowledge extensively in the field paediatric nephrology. Every postgraduate paediatric student should read this book for nephrology.

Illingworth’s’ Development of the Infant and the Young Child

This is one of the most respected books in the field of pediatrics. It gives detailed knowledge about the developmental milestone and various conditions causing developmental delay.

It is an extensive book every paediatric student and pediatricians should read to gain the knowledge. It is a very handy book available as hard copies.

Park’s Paediatric Cardiology for practitioners

This is one of the standard books in the field of paediatric cardiology. It is written by expert authors in the field of paediatric cardiology.

It gives extensive knowledge about common heart diseases in pediatrics and rare heart diseases in pediatrics. Very good illustrations by the use of diagrams making topics very simple to understand.

It gives all the recent information very extensively in the field of paediatric cardiology. An undergraduate level student may not need such deep information but it is the best book to refer to for postgraduate students in pediatrics.

It quotes the latest and standard protocols to manage different paediatric heart diseases.

Nutrition and Child Development by KE Elizabeth

KE Elizabeth is a respected name in the field of nutrition and child development.

This book gives detailed information about the nutrition of the child from birth to adolescents.

It gives extensive information about feeding premature neonates and normal neonates and infants. It gives a very detailed information about nutrition in malnourished child and obese child.

It explains various developmental issues in children and developmental diseases. All the information is written by respected authors in the field.

This is a highly recommended book for postgraduate students and undergraduate students who want to gain the knowledge in detail. Even working pediatricians refer to this book in their day-to-day practice.

Best books for UG (MBBS) students for paediatrics?

Above listed books are very extensive and large to study. During your undergraduate (UG) level at MBBS, you may feel uncomfortable to read them. For undergraduate students basic knowlege of subject is needed. For them following are good books for paediatrics.

Good textbook for UG MBBS
students for paediatrics
Ghai’s textbook of pediatrics
For reference for more details Nelson’s textbook of paediatrics
Good books for passing practicle
pediatrics examination for UG MBBS students
Clinical pediatrics by Aruchamy Lakshmanaswamy
For studying about vaccines for
UG MBBS students
IAP textbook of vaccines
Best books for UG (MBBS) students for paediatrics

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